Do all the opals sold originate in Australia?

All opals sold at Opals Eight are sourced from various towns and regions throughout Australian states.

South Australia

Coober Pedy - crystal, white and black opal

Mintabie - crystal, white and black opal

Andamooka - crystal, white, black and matrix opal


Winton - boulder opal

Opalton - boulder opal

Quilpie - boulder opal

New South Wales

Lightning Ridge - black opal

White Cliffs - crystal, white and black opal

Are all of the opals sold processed in Australia?

All opals sold at Opals Eight are processed by our business in Adelaide, South Australia. We source our opals directly from the opal miners, and then we proceed to hand cut and set the stones into our unique jewellery items.

Are the opals sold responsibly sourced?

Opals Eight prides itself on sourcing opals from responsible and ethically minded miners throughout Australia.

We ensure that the land, its flora and wildlife, and the people involved are not harmed in the process of obtaining high-quality Australian opals for our jewellery.

Are all jewellery items sold manufactured in Australia?

The majority of Opals Eight jewellery are manufactured in our workshop in Adelaide, South Australia, however some items are bought from foreign suppliers. Our ability to maintain a competitive price range, allows our jewellery to be more affordable for our customers.

Do the photos accurately portray the opals?

We do our best to photograph and capture the realistic colour and details of the opal stone accurately, however, opal can appear different depending on the lighting and its surrounds, and the device used to encapsulate its beauty.

Most of our items are photographed in a light box and some in natural light with or without a macro lens, via a mobile phone or digital camera. As all computer monitors, device screens are different, there may be slight differences in the colour of the item upon receiving it, as to viewing it from photos.

What are solid opals?

Opals that have only undergone the cutting and polishing necessary to transform them into gem stones.

What are doublets?

Is a composite made of two layers, with a thin coating of crystal opal on top and a dark stone on the bottom.

What are triplets?

A clear crystal dome is placed on top of a paper-thin slice of opal that is adhered to a black stone backdrop.

What are black opals?

Black opal possesses a body tone or background that is either black or extremely dark grey. The opal colours and pattern will shine out more, enhancing the stone's beauty, the darker the body tone.

What are dark opals?

Dark opals consist of a darker or greyish body tone which isn't considered black, white nor crystal. 

What are white opals?

White opals have a whitish tint to the body. A white opal base showcases the colours and patterns of the opal.

What are crystal opals?

If opal is completely transparent or translucent, it may appear as though you are staring through glass. Black, dark, or white are the three body tones that crystal opal can have.

What are boulder opals?

Boulder opal is made from either sandstone or ironstone with a seam of opal that formed inside the boulder.

What are matrix opals?

Opal that is found as a network of veins, filling of spaces, or in between host rock grains is known as matrix opal.

Why are some doublets or triplets more expensive than some solids?

Generally, solids are more expensive than doublets or triplets, however, in some cases, a doublet or triplet might be more expensive than a solid due to their levels of quality. The quality depends on the strength of colour and the size and cut of the stone.